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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 28, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> i am kimberly guilfoyle in for haled doe. this i -- geraldo. this is a fox news alert. the united states is scrambling as the whistleblower wikileaks classified volumes of government records. all sorts of american secret the including embarrassing embarrassing revelations about some of our nation's friends and enemies. it is something the obama
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administration says is reckless and dangerous and will put countless lives at risk. molly has the story from washington. >> kimberly the latest wikileaks document dump involves cables. the back and forth of u.s. embassies around the world and the state department. >> several news organizations including the new york times have advanced access to the material containing information about critical hot spots including north and south korea pakistan and iran. some show the u.s. gaming out the eventual collapse of north korea. others show saudi arabia destroying the nuclear program. afghan president hamid karzai described as driven by paranoia. they described as avoiding risk and rarely creative. ki wikileaks founder said no one was ever harmed by his web sites publications but white house says they are dangerous saying
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to be clear such disclosures put at risk our diplomats intelligence professionals and people around the world. lawmakers universally condemn the leaks. >> it is de lowerable. i agree with the aseszment the people at wikileaks could have blood on their hands. >> the people who are leaking his documents needed a check about their patriotism. >> secretary of state hillary clinton spent the last two-days calling leaders try to to do damage control in advance. thanks. the latest release has mooney members of congress constituted under the jacks. joining us is former cia covert operations officer and president of diligent global intelligence and security firm mike baker. caroline houseman and democratic strategist. i want to begin with you.
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a lot of developments on this how much damage do you believe this does to national security and ability to gather intelligence. >> to gather information and to have a trusting relationship allies and partners overseas. the important aspect of this and one of the most damaging areas will be all of the documents that obtain private comment that were picked up to diplomats overseas. i go offive a conversation with a senior member of a government for some who have a sensitive issue that tells me confidence i report that back to washington in the private channels now that gets public. people overseas are becoming less and less willing to believe that we can keep our yaps shut we can keep any secrets whatsoever as a result of wikileaks. >> he said his intent is to injure the united states in our war efforts.
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whom ever transmits an unauthorized document relating to national defense is reason to believe it could be used to the injury of the united states or to the advantage of any foreign nation shall be guilty of espionage. do you believe he should be indicted on espy an ash? >> i believe probably be the only voice saying i think wikileaks is a good thing in the sense that we get information that is vital about wafrs in afghanistan and iraq. the most recent leak is less so. i know the means are problematic i would agree with everyone else in the panel on that. we get 15,000 civilians in iraq have been killed with american simplicity telling us what is really happening. it is better technology.
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>> what benefit are you saying comes from this besides the fact that it is endangering the lives of countless people who's lives are put on the line by trying to help us in these efforts to combat terrorism. it has substantially set back our ability to gather incompetence and intelligence from our sources. >> kimberly i don't see any evidence of that. the white house will provide that evidence. no one has been harmed so far and what i think has happened is releasing this information the three major media sources have been careful about not releasing the names of individuals they think might be harmed or releasing secrets they think may help the enemy. it's not just a wholesale data dump it is one being done thoughtfully through three primary media sources. >> i think it's done completely against the interest of the united states. with specific purpose to harm the united states and our allies that are trying to combat
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terrorism. >> i think it is done in the united states interest. i think the question you have to ask yourself is it there fore a merit a security problem. what one person has equated this information to is kind of high level gossip. if you look through the things that have been learned there is nothing in this that is all that startling. we gained out what should happen in north korea. i think a 4th grader in the interest of national security at some point the united states might think about what would happen if it failed. this is no great new information. i think the problem is he is operating essentially without impunity. he is able to do whatever he wants. there are no repercussions he is not being prosecuted and held accountable. i do not see why. it looks like administration to put him in check at all.
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>> i wouldn't ascribe any more political ideology. it was self serving bag of composite. julianne's primary desire is to promote julianne. he should know better if he thinks he can pass this off as some desire to improve the world. this will do serious damage to human rights activists overseas that are working to promote democracy in their countries and information about their activities get out as a result of over a quarter million documents being dumped out here. this idea. i am not sure during my time in government i have had the privilege of reading in on state department traffic. some of it is pedestrian. some of it is atmospheric. there is a great deal of information that gets passed off on what should be a private communications channel that is sensitive and talks a very candidly and provide very important discussions between
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very sensitive sources. >> there's lots more to discuss about this. we are going to have to leave it right there. thanks. going to ask you to stand by. the latest on the conflict on the korean peninsula and what it means for future relations with china and south korea. [ male announcer ] opeup a cadilc during our season's best sales event. and receive the gift of asphalt. experience the cadillac of crossovers, the striking srx. it's the one gift you can open up allear long. see your cadillac dealer for this attractive offer. backed by the peace of mind that only comes from cadillac premium care maintenance. the season's best sales event. from cadillac.
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>> the u.s. and south korea continue. the drill comes to stay after north korea attacks the south killing four people surface to air missles in a show of retaliation. gregg palkot has report. >> they have remained high in the region. >> we were in the middle of a situation we want to tell viewers more about what was happening.
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we wanted to check out a south korean island about him. just as we were approaching just as we were going on shore shots were heard flashes seen along the north korean coastline about 7 miles away. it was enough for authorities to send them scurrying to battle shelters limiting our limit no shell on the island at this time. the reason for the growing tension in part at least joined to the u.s. south korean naval exercises it is monday in south korea. they are now into their second day. they involve u.n. aircraft carriers u.s. ships south korea trips and troops. they are in the yellow sea not too far from the tensions worry we observe. they are warning against any violation of territory and warning about hospital strikes if that happens. in fact late on sunday we heard
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from the chinese envoy. he is proposing a 6 party international talks to deal with north korea. the you states in general has been lukewarm to the idea they want to see the people rewarding north korea for anything. they said they will continue. >> thank you for that update. they were putting all of our ai eggs into china's basket hoping they were going to be able to convince north korea to stand down. do you think they are the only ones to influence north korea. doesn't seem like a great idea we are completely trusting of china. >> we are not trusting of them. we understand what the limitations are in terms of our relationship with china and china's willingness. we have had a long history on the peninsula of north korea doi doing something provocative.
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the west protests china and we eventually macon session and north koreans back off and it goes quiet for the next few years. this has been a rinse wash repeat situation. what we have is a success coming up with kim jong-il is passing off to his -- power to his son. they are the only players in town. they have the only leverage over north korea. they are the ones who are able to put them on a short leash and hold onto them. we have to count on them as unpalatable as that is as unlikely it is they are going to do anything public is very likely what they will do is what they have done in the past. privately they will reign in the north korean leadership but they want the status quo to continue. china would like nothing less than the unknown and change. they are not a big fancier of change. they don't want to push so hard that they cause a likely change
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in leadership. that creates a situation they can't predict. >> it puts stability in play. what about this being a money shakedown they want the u.s. to dump a bunch of aid into north korea and sort of help that situation they are trying to push us in that direction? >> traditionally that has been our response to come up with some form of concession. we have been trying the diplomatic route in north korea for some time in part because there's no other option. a military response is not desireed by any one including china. so when we talk about what we really can do this is one of those situations where when faced with a decision tree there is really no branchs on there other than the one marked china. so we have to work with them. now it's a little bit disconcerting the obama administration the other day tried to push china publicly to protest against north korea. north korea is really the only
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ally the chinese have or the chinese that's their only ally. you know what i am trying to say here. i am so upset about the peninsula situation i can barely get my words out. >> may be more developments. thank you so much. always a pleasure. it's one of the hottest shows on tv. now glee is adding some of the hottest new singing styles to their repertoire. we will have a live acapella performance when we come back. could switching to geico really save you
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[music] ♪ >> i like it. acapella singing is back and bigger than ever thanks in part to the hit show glee. from the legions of glebings, yes they exist to the up coming second season of reality competition, the singoff acapella seems to be sweeping the nation one note at a time.
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here with the details eloise parker. why is glee so popular. people love it kids, adults the whole deal. why is internet helping make the acapella singers stars? >> they combine a couple things people are into. it has american idol. it has been sensational hit all over. you can see all of the numbers on youtube and if you haven't seen the show you can get on to youtube and watch them. >> why no not. when they first started the show they thought hopefully it will be popular to do well. it has been a craze that swept the country. you see big stars. >> it is a phenomenon. it is a life performance aspect. some of the numbers are big production numbers but the numbers people really love and connect with it's very much like singing katie perry's teenaged
10:22 pm
dream we just saw it's genuine talent we are seeing on the show. >> talk to me about acapella. this has been the rage. people are very into it. we have the special live performance tonight which is very exciting it's something we see young people getting into as well. >> you have to remember the music from the past few years has been a lot of digital highly produced stuff in the charts. >> people that can't sing. >> if you sing acapella that's it. >> they have built an entire career on that stuff. acapella is completely opposite to that. it is just raw talent. that's why it sounds so fresh. >> it is a fresh sound. you expect this to stay. we have other shows as well on the horizon coming up. >> we have the x factor coming up and simon cowell banned tunes in the u.k. as well. >> we will hear real singing on that. >> speaking of amazing acapella
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singers we have them here. i am joined by rock acappella who know them from where in the world is carmen san diego. we are going to have a little chat with them now. hi guys. i am in the studio with real singers fantastic. great to have you here live on fox news. how did you get started some of you in acapella and singing and becoming so fabulous? >> living on the street in new york city put the haute out get quarters or coffee poured on you from above if then didn't like you. the due op kind of tradition. >> it goes back to the roots of the origins how you got your start in music the fresh feeling of being out in the street and the public. >> you can track -- crack it ot any time you want. you surprise places where you can really surprise people and in the holiday season there's a lot of warm fuzzy going on. >> are you able to make a couple
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bucks on the street? do people give you good money? >> that's why we are doing your show. >> is that what it is? >> we are touring all over the country. christmas and acapella really go together. >> we haven't had a new record out for a while. >> we have a picture out of it there. >> it is all original music. a lot of people like the cover song. we haven't done an original record for almost 15 years. >> where can you buy it? >> itunes wherever you get your music. boys take it away. flush ♪
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just shake it. [ rattling ]
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[ male announcer ] need ink? staples has a low price guarantee on all the ink you need. find a lower price at another store, and we'll match it. that was easy. >> i am mary an rafferty. a suspect in oo bomb mrt picked the time and place for his attack. fbi grabbed mac haimoud as he tiled a cell phone number he believed would blow up families at a christmas tree lighting ceremony friday. an amber alert three missing brothers they were last seen on thursday. their father claims he gave them to a woman on the internet to take them to their mother. he is being treated for mental
10:31 pm
health issues after a suicide attempt. now checking the markets in asia the nikkei is up. hang seng down. 22,851. dow jones futures at 11,081. fox business news giving you the power to prosper. now back to geraldo at large for your latest headlines log on to >> this is a fox news alert. legendary actor and comedian leslie nielson died at the age of 84 from complications of pneumonia near his home in florida. nielson appeared hundreds of television shows over his more than 60 year career. he is best known for roles in airplane and the naked gun. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> noving now to the sad end to the story of jenny lynn watson the 20-year-old student who went
10:32 pm
missing last week. they confirmed they found watson's body and charged her on again off again boyfriend steven piper with the crime. he was arraigned on second degree murder charges last night. >> there's no question there's not a dispute mr. piper visited the watson home on friday morning. we believe he was the last person to see her alive. obviously we are charging him with murder. mr. pheiffer as far as the folks were concerned treated as a witness who is cooperating yet we knew very, very early on that he was our prime suspect. our indication is that ms. watson desired this relationship to end in early october. as is often the case in these types of tragedies apparently that message didn't get through to mr. piper. >> joining me now are criminal defense attorney arthur ardels former prosecutor josie jackson and clinical psychologist katherine summer link.
10:33 pm
we were talking about the case what are they doing to build their case? >> sad case. here's what's happening. here it is shaping up tore a compelling case of a prosecution on two points one you have motive the other opportunity. you put that in the arms of a prosecutor with half of the talent as you that spells trouble. when you talk about motive what's that? on-again-off-again relationship he can't take no for an answer if you are not going to be with me you are not going to be with any one. that is mows tifr. move onto the opportunity. a person knows her mo knows who she is going to be and has been placed with her in terms of going with the house last person seen with her november 19th. you have motive and opportunity. >> basically everyone who dies let's look at the closest people to them and some have motive because they want their money or their child support or they are mad because they had steak last night for dinner they have opportunity because they can go to the house.
10:34 pm
this is all i am asking for. >> can we just wait for the autopsy report to come back? can we wait for the results to see what the cause of death is? you know what's interesting i will be hammering home all they were asking for is who saw a pickup truck? has to be a problem with the pickup truck. the pickup truck is knotted owned by the kid who they picked up. no rush to judge. >> no rush. >> that's when you really look at the rush to judgment. don't go oj on me. >> they get back forensic evidence. that will be the problem. >> it will be key in this case because they have a lot of forensic evidence because they were able to locate sadly this poor girl's body in a timely fashion. there will be dna anything under the fingernails.
10:35 pm
>> they had a very sexual relationship so his dna should be all around his hair fingernails bodily fluids. >> it is not even that if you look at where the body was found it is rubbery there's going to be examination into that. if his dna is found on that shrubbery. >> or any before on her body or nails. >> we are going to bring in the doctor. sadly we are seeing more and more case sz like this where wuf situations of domestic violence that really go astray and they result in beatings or deaths or murders. >> what happens in a young man's life when the a relationship like this that it would result in him perhaps taking the life. >> what is particularly strange about this case is he doesn't have any other relationships. in a case like this he lived alone. there was no home telephone. there was no family member that
10:36 pm
came out to support him not one. in any of the press releases was there a family release where it said steven piper was a good guy he's a family guy. nothing. there's no mother, no father. >> no support network. >> no support. there was a relative called the phone call was never returned. >> he was a good guy for some period of time. at some point she must have thought nice things. >> she couldn't take the fact that she ended it. >> and he also -- wait a second. he also was rejected. he also could be the victim of child abuse and physical abuse. this is the way he shows what his anger is. not only that he also had minor convictions. he was already an arrested criminal. he had a minor conviction record which showed impulse control is
10:37 pm
rather -- >> we don't know. >> the other thing is he was cooperating with the police. there are statements he was giving. they will comb through those. >> we are going to have to let -- obviously we are arguing. you two, order in the court. you have to stay after school. dr., joey and arthur we will continue with the swugs another time. the controversial tsa scanners, sure they are annoying but are they dangerous? new information about that. we will have the answers when we come back. dr. mark seigel is going to join us. ryurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the who gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a ord, a... oww! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one
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>> honestly i think i would rather be safe than not, so it's not a big deal. we will just do it. >> it's actually very easy to get through the airport. it was pretty quick and painless. >> if tsz for protection, sure. doesn't really bother me. we all have to do it. i would rather be safe. >> good attitude. after all of the predictions threats, protests and opt outs for the holiday travel weekend i feel safe staying here. was this just a bunch of hype over pat downs and screeners much adieu about nothing? i am going to ask somebody out in the thick of it this weekend. steven crowder who is in kalas, texas right now you travel this had weekend so i am glad you did
10:42 pm
it not knee. what was your travel experience like? >> i wasn't patted down until it was by request. i tell you he looked unwilling. he was upset about the whole ordeal. i left with a smile on my face. i do think like you said this did come out during a bit of a slow news week before thanksgiving. i think americans are worried ben kroeching government. it is the political correctness the cost and inefficiency of those things. if this prevented someone from being blown up okay. a pat down is fine. these controversial videos were old. what happened this time the procedure doesn't seem different. >> people didn't notice any a-appreciateable difference in your prior experience over this
10:43 pm
heightened sensitivity holiday weekend. >> i didn't. with me they always pull out the rubber glove so mine is always a different deal. most people here generally agree there was a lot of commotion. i think it was government expanding. people don't want to give up more rights. they get the naked skin people will be self conscious. we are talking radiation the word radiation scares people off the bat. we experience radiation every day. the second you talk about it in relation to scanners terrify people. i am definitely against the scanners and the pat downs because we are not incorporating what we need to incorporate. it's not about keeping people safe it's a system riddled with political correctness. >> you actually believe and i know this from talking about this you feel we should incorporate profiling an do what
10:44 pm
the israelis do so successfully. >> that is true. the israeli doss it successfully. when people say profiling people say you are a racist. that guy has a slight tan he is profiling. he has ahead dress i don't recognize profile him. we are talking about behavior country of origin personal space we are talking about record. it's not just a racial thing. i know it has been turned into the racial profiling buzz word. you have radiation racial profiling nudity. it's perfect. >> the word profiling has to get the best pr agent in town to change the nature of the word and how it is perceived. i hope they continue to profile and pat you down and scan you. it would be time well spent. i am kidding. thanks for being with us tonight. we bring in mike seigel we want to talk about the health effect. people are concerned the next level of discussion has been how is this going to impact me my health long-term?
10:45 pm
what about the people who are regularly traveled who fly every week. i have friends who fly every week. they work in business and that's what they do. >> i agree the approach should be hafrial profiling tsa people trained enough so they can risk assess. that's what my book on fear looks like. you have to take the whole discussion out of the equation. one of the scanners is about the same. you get 150 times more radiation flying from new york to los angeles than you get when you are scanned. frequent flyers. there has been talk from university of california that said wait a minute the scanners only effect the skin. it hasn't been well studied. should we study this in pregnant woman and more in children. what's the effect of beaming it on the skin? i still feel it's totally safe. with 700 million people going through these we could do
10:46 pm
another studies but the amount of radiation is so low it is ridiculous. it is 2 percent of the amount of radiation you get walking down the street in a given day. >> he was afraid of being scanned that is why she ended up with the pat down. you never get me through the pat down i go through the scanner and take my family, too. is that going to find the terrorists? >> you have no question with family members or young children? >> this is such a limited amount of radiation it is so low. we are afraid of the word radiation. it hardly applies here. i would let anybody go through. >> people are so worried. heightened concern about cancer and other things. they really worry because there are so many unknowns but you are saying based on this what you know. >> because the amount of total radiation in an x-ray is 200 times what it is in one of these
10:47 pm
scans. the risk is extremely low. i am not concerned with catching a terrorist. that's a different issue. rhe health risks i don't see it. >> especially going through a single time. you want to talk to me i went through a thousand times we can do long-term studies on the entire population of frequent flyers. that would be different. one scan even 100 scans i have no concerns. >> it is going to be all right. all things that are important especially when it comes to medical stuff. i want to mention as well we have also got steven performing his comedy act this thursday notre dame in south bend, indiana. make sure and check that out. >> up next you won't believe the story of this hero military dog. rockapella is back baby with another song. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack.
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>> they say a dog is a man's best friend. when they serve side by side on the front lines of war that connection runs even deeper. kelly wrooith has a story of how one marine canine is helping keep his family members alive. >> meet lex a retired marine canine who enjoyed the tranquillity of his home in mississippi. t three years ago dustin lee spent their days far away from home in fallujah, iraq. in war lex and dustin did what they were trained to do finding explosives before they would maim or kill. their he have foets saved many lives until that tragic day. a rocket propelled grenade hit them.
10:52 pm
shrapnel from the blast scattered every where. dustin lee paid the ultimate price that day in service to his country with his dog lex wounded at his side. >> military working dogs are so special. because lex was our son's partner the last one to see dustin as they lay together sharing the blood and the bond that makes it even more special. >> dusty was always patriotic. he had that commitment and wanted to show it. >> the parents of dustin lee wanted to adopt lex but the marine canine was ordered to service for two more years. congressman walter jones of north carolina heard about lex, dustin and the lee family's desire to take lex into their family. jones made a call to the marine commanda commandant's office to see if lex could get an early retirement. his exper -- efforts paid off. >> my art aches every time i see the men and women that died in
10:53 pm
iraq. knowing this young man dustin lee had such passion for his dog lex, it seemed like it was god's will that this happen. >> pieces of shrapnel in a hit lex during that explosion in iraq have weakened him. so congressman jones sought medical help from dr. lee morgan who recently performed veterinarian regenerative surgery which provide stem cell therapy to improve lex's mobility. dr. morgan says the surgery was successful and he should have full mobility within 6 weeks. >> in 14 years i have been practicing medicine this has got to be one of the biggest most emotional cases i have ever workd on. >> following surgery we caught up with lex and the lee family at the memorial where marine officers took pictures of him to update the marine corps in how he is doing. he soefed a purple heart for being wounded the day he and dustin were fired upon. the lee family have a special bond with lex and care deeply for him knowing he was so
10:54 pm
special to their son dustin. they take him to schools and veteran's hospitals for visits. >> our son was important just like everybody else that has fallen. what people don't know is the importance of a military working dog. there are military working dogs out there ready to be adopted. >> jerome and rachel lee are grateful to have lex in their lives. taking care of him is something their son would have wanted them to do. they tell me he was a proud marine who shared one common saying the marines have, always faithful with no regrets. dustin and his dog lex showed an uncommon valor and proved it was a common virtue. at the iwo jima memorial kelly wright, fox news. >> what an incredible story. to end this thanksgiving weekend we bring back rockapella for a special holiday treat. guys, take it away.
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